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A2 English Language Investigation Coursework Help

a2 english language investigation coursework help

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Undergraduate Full time Part time. Parents and partners Repayment Advanced Learner Loan. Turn on thread page Beta Toggle. A2 English Literature coursework help? Starting uni is full of surprises: Start new discussion Reply. Follow 1 Hi So I'm starting to study English Lit at A2 the only problem I'm having is the free choice of texts you have for coursework.

I need to choose 2 texts I was thinking of A Midsummer Nights Dream Shakespeare but I really don't know what to choose any ideas of a suitable 2nd text? Follow 2 If so, you should really compare these to another text you might be interested in. I'm not familiar with that Shakespeare play, so I couldn't help you with the second text. But with any Shakespeare play, it is hard to compare a text with.

Do you have to use one of Shakespeare's plays? Like I suggested, compare it with major themes. What I would do is read the play, see a production of it if you can or watch a DVD adaptation of it, and look at all the main themes it presents. And then you can start to look at other texts that have similar themes.

To make your coursework 'good' is impossible for me to say without knowing what exam board you're with, as the exam board would have the Assessment Objectives you get marked with.

Order now Log in. Writing a perfect coursework on English June 4, Studentship, what an exciting period! Tips for writing A2 English language coursework Before starting to write, take the following recommendations into consideration: The word limit of a project must be 4, words. Get beyond this limit, and you might lose quite a few marks. Support your ideas and thoughts with arguments and analysis.

All your ideas outlined in the introduction must be supported throughout the whole piece. When writing an English coursework, descriptive writing is preferable. That is to say, you should use primarily adjectives, varied sentence structures, and sentence length. In Evaluation part, state how each of the sources contributed to your investigation.

Among the general English coursework tips are the following: Before setting to work, check the rubric. In such a way, you will be aware of the general requirements and allocation of marks according to different criteria. In sum, you will know what the examiners are looking for and what they set high a high value on. One draft will not be sufficient. Working on the paper you will be able to get back to the previous draft to see whether you have not lost your train of thought. Focus on your writing skills.

Needless to say that in year 11, writing skills should be more honed than they were in the year Thus, work on a text structure, use various sentence types and sentence starters, pay attention to the spelling of complex words and punctuation, and try to make the paragraphs different in length. The format of the paper is no less important, so consider improving it if you are not sure you acquit yourself of paper formats well.

Do not hesitate to ask your teacher for a help anytime you feel like it. He or she is a person who is truly interested in you getting a high grade. Also, this person is aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and thus, can hint you at what you should do to master a writing assignment.

Helpful English A2 coursework ideas A2 has 3 modules, one of which is a project which should be focused on a language investigation topic. How did language change in advertisement and what are the language techniques, which make people want to buy a product?

How did the non-formal speech influence the formal one in the course of time? How has the language of classical literature changed? How does the informal speech of teenagers on the Internet influence their educational performance in language classes? What are the positive and negative effects of such a jive talk? Usage of various language techniques to convey humor in American and British sitcoms. Comparison of a language of heroes and villains in animated films. Comparison of language usage in a family and among friends.

Comparison of a language used in male and female magazines. How does it influence the real manner of interaction between genders? How to do an English coursework? How to write English coursework introduction? If you are racking your brain on the question of how to write an English coursework introduction, look through the following recommendations: Firstly, you have to prepare a clear topic and an outline before writing.

The topic is usually agreed upon in advance with a teacher or professor. Keep in mind that the introduction is an important part of any writing piece since a reader may not want to continue reading if the beginning of the work is dull and talks of some hackneyed things.

How to organize body paragraphs properly? What should be included in English coursework conclusion? How to write a bibliography for English coursework? How to write English literature coursework?

Firstly, choose the type of literature work like drama, poetry, or prose that you want to investigate. Secondly, gather information of the critical kind from the reviews. Analyze the collected reviews on a literature piece. Finally, write a paper in a simple and easy manner so that the reader could get your ideas. Get a professional English language coursework help!

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Hi So I'm starting to study English Lit at A2 the only problem I'm having is the free choice of texts you have for coursework. I need to choose 2 texts I.

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Aqa english language a2 coursework help. A transcript of the Jonathon Ross show english like a very good idea, so you could perhaps do something similar, like talk about other chat show hosts, and analyse how they talk to different genders, or about how they try to control the conversation. English Coursework A2 Help english coursework a2 help Results for English Coursework Help. Get the look smart on 4kaay.gaminate grammar errors & enhance your writing.

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Here we share some secrets and give a full English coursework help. Writing a perfect coursework on English. June 4, Tips for writing A2 English language coursework. Before starting to write, take the following . A Level English Coursework planning To enable students to succeed on this section, they need to: Section A • Formulate their assignment title carefully • Have .