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Compare and contrast two restaurants

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❶There are no waiters. This restaurant is not as big as restaurant A but lends a very cozy feeling.

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Secondly, I move on to cleanliness between the two restaurants. When comes to this topic, I would say that Restaurant Kim Gary has good hygiene than Restaurant Ming Tian because they have good management on taking care of the dirts, spilled drinks, and so on. Other than that, the manager of Restaurant Kim Gary divided the place to have meal into two areas which are the smoking area and non-smoking area. These two areas provided are based on the customer needs because there are some customers do not smoke and some customers smoke.

This is because the Restaurant Ming Tian is an open wide food stall; they open their stall on the side road or parking space which is near to the its restaurant. Thus, I would prefer go to Restaurant Kim Gary because it has good hygiene.

Lastly, I will talk about the services between the two restaurants. The waiters in the Restaurant Kim Gary are fully trained so they can serve their In five pages world hunger is considered in a discussion that favors foreign aid by the United States with provision options outli In two pages the villages of the Philippines prior to the Spanish Conquest and the power wielded by the chieftains are examined.

Four excerpts from this text are discussed in a paper consisting of five pages. There are no other sources listed In five pages the Korean War is analyzed in terms of Chinese participation. Six sources are cited in the bibliography This paper consists of six pages and presents an informational overview of Japan in a consideration of culture, customs, rituals, Military and political objectives of the Korean conflict are examined in this paper, which looks at America's crossing of the 38th This paper argues in five pages that for socioeconomic and political reasons the US should expand its relations with the Philippin In five pages this paper discusses the evolving dynamic of Korean American families situated in NYC as portrayed in this sociologi In fourteen pages this paper discusses the nuclear capabilities of North Korea and the threat they presently pose to a post Cold W In nine pages the Japanese cultural period known as Genroku is examined in terms of the cultural contributions of dramatist Chikam Need A College Level Paper?

They use computers to take orders, automatic timers to assist in cooking, and radio headsets to communicate.

Even the color scheme used by McDonald's promotes speed. Studies show that loud colors like red and yellow increase customer turnover. With the exception of handling money, tasks are shared by the staff at the diner and there isn't anything high-tech about the operation.

Fox's Diner is a world away from the bland, impersonal McDonald's just a few miles north. It sits on the right side of a two-lane highway leading into town. The Diner serves both as a truck stop and as the restaurant for a small motel next door. The parking lot looks vacant until about five in the morning because it is large enough to accommodate a dozen tractor trailers. Years of use have left potholes and a patchwork of asphalt that resembles a moth-eaten quilt.

An aluminum awning extends outward about six feet along the front of the building. Underneath the awning, yellow fluorescent lights, which theoretically do not attract bugs, glow at night. They are mounted over a row of metal framed, screened-in windows. To reduce heating and air-conditioning costs, as well as keep the interior floor clean, an entrance was built about fourteen years ago outside the original entrance.

Concrete steps covered with brown patio turf lead to the front door. Walking inside is like traveling back in time twenty years. Trans Ams, Lucky Strikes, and eight-track tape players are some of the things that come to mind when walking in.

The white tile floor is always clean; however, it has yellowed with age and feels rough under your shoes because it has never been waxed. A counter runs half the length of the diner. Even though the stools that sit in front of it aren't permanently attached to the floor, they still sit in the same places they were in thirty-five years ago.

So over the years, the counter has been worn smooth by countless elbows. Four booths are at one end of the diner. The benches are covered in green and brown plastic, and they surround yellow formica tables. A jukebox also sits there, usually playing an old song by George Jones or Willie Nelson. A blue haze of smoke hangs around the lights. A room has been added to the far end of the diner. It holds a cigarette machine and an old Donkey Kong Junior video game that hasn't been played in so long that the words "game over" are permanently etched into the picture tube.

There are also two pinball machines that see slightly more use than the video game. Four machines labeled "for entertainment only" are where the money is made. They are video poker machines, and they draw truck drivers, housewives, and anyone else easily addicted to gambling the same way an Indian reservation casino does. People come in with rolls of quarters and grab a stool.

They get that dull look in their eyes. Some smoke like a freight train while others light up and the cigarette never touches their lips again. It just rests between their fingers and burns down to the filter. The winners don't get excited. They just walk to the register and collect their money. But they are few and far between.

The same people have worked here since before I was born. A lady named Millie runs the place. She has a poodle name Midnight. Originally, Midnight was black. But at almost twenty years old, he's as white as a snow drift. Even when he was young, he could be found curled up behind the candy-bar counter. Maybe that is the key to his longevity. Once a year, Millie goes to the beach for a week's vacation.

This year she went to Myrtle Beach while it rained. Last year, a motel in Daytona put a five-dollar charge on all the long distance credit calls she made. Her vacations are a big topic of conversation.

The McDonald's in Lake City could be one of a million other franchises across the continent. Like many others, it is located just off the interstate. And like all the others, it has the same famous sign on two seventy-five foot, brown, steel poles that are in clear view for miles before encountering the interstate exit.

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Comparison and contrast of two restaurants Essay The two restaurants that I would be comparing and contrasting are in opposite directions from Enterprise Way, Miramar, FL Restaurant A is fifteen minutes drive from the school and is situated on the way of going to my home.

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Two of the most famous restaurants are Dominos Pizza and Pizza are two similarities and some differences. Dominos Pizza and Pizza hut have some similarities. First of all,Dominos Pizza sells pizza likewise Pizza have many types of examples,both of restaurant make useful pizza set for customers. Compare/Contrast--My Two Favorite Restaurants essaysIntroduction: Over the past few years as far back as I can remember, I have always liked going out to eat. I am going to tell about the differences of two of my favorite restaurants. The first restaurant I will be talking about is Log.

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In contrast, at the relaxed Joe's Crab Shack the entire staff wears t-shirts and shorts or jeans and treats everyone as if they are life-long friends; greeting patrons with "Hey! A Comparison of Two Barbecue Restaurants Essay - The Best Barbecue in the South Barbecue is one of my favorite foods. I have always enjoyed going into some greasy. Free term paper on Contrast Between 2 Restaurants You Eaten In available totally free at, the largest free term paper community. Essay, Book Report or Research Paper in seconds or we will write a BRAND NEW paper for you in just a FEW HOURS!!! There are two restaurants which I often go to have meals, and they are.