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A Clockwork Orange Critical Essays

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❶Far from being a good Christian, he has become like a soulless machine. The freedom of choice and the rehabilitating form of corrections encase the realm of A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess.

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A Clockwork Orange: A Critical View Essay Sample
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With the entry of the new Minister of the Interior, the Government seems to be tightening its grip on the citizens. The Minister remarks that he expects there to be more political offenders entering the jails in the near future.

Alexander is sent to prison. Another new policy of the Minister of the Interior is to help control street crime by recruiting young hoodlums to be police officers.

This is how Dim and Billyboy joined the police. Burgess wrote his novel with twenty-one chapters, but his American publisher chose to omit the final chapter.

Explain how the impact and message of the novel is different if the final chapter is omitted. At the end of Chapter 20 Part 3, Chapter 6 , Alex has had his free will restored to him by the Government. He gleefully disrespects nurses, doctors, his parents, and finally the Minister of Education. He expresses a desire to smash eggs, rip the feathers out of a peacock, rape and beat people, and even nail Jesus himself to the cross.

If the novel ends there, Alex has gone right back to where he was before, a sociopathic monster again. At the end of Chapter 21, Part 3, Chapter 7 , Alex decides to make a change in his life. He is bored with violence and ready to create something meaningful. Ending the book at Chapter 20 produces a shocking ending and an ambiguous moral. When the final chapter is added, the book ends on a more optimistic note.

Violence will never end, as evil will always have its glamorous attraction to each new generation. Where good exists, evil will also.

Others have disagreed, finding the final chapter too sentimental and forced. Either way the book ends, the moral expressed by the chaplain can be applied. Free will is what makes a person human. It is always preferable to allow a person free will, even if that person wills to bad, than to deprive one of free will and force him or her to do good. Log in or register to post comments. We provide an educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary literature.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. They fail to conform to social norms, are deceitful and aggressive, and seek to destroy with little remorse. If ever there was a movie that depicted sociopathic behavior, A Clockwork Orange would be the one. Though the film is, at times, hard to understand and subtitles may be found useful, this does not change the impact the movie has; It may even add to the atmosphere Kubrick is attempting to create and emphasize.

The main character in A Clock Work Orange, Alex, perfectly fits the mold and maintains all of the qualities that are considered when looking to diagnose a person with antisocial personality disorder. Alex is deceitful and manipulative. He knocks on doors claiming that his friend is hurt and lying for dead in the road and he desperately needs the help of his soon-to-be victim s.

He will do anything at the drop of a hat, all of his actions are impulsive and are minimally thought out if they are thought out at all. If an accomplice is to turn against him or propose another idea, his aggressiveness with them is horrific. Yet again, quite obviously noted. It is apparent that Alex thinks only about himself yet does not take the blame for any of his actions.

When caught in the act he is quick to blame the other members of his gang and proclaim that they forced him to participate. This is easily noted not only in his nightly charades, but also in his lack of desire to attend school, or even to get out of bed for that matter.

Although the actual process of Pavlovian conditioning seems to be portrayed quite accurately, many questions arise when taking a critical psychological viewpoint. The first question to arise is the way in which Alex is chosen for this new, radical treatment. He is simply picked from a lineup of his jail mates because he bursts out with some random comment. But this, in no way, seems to play a role in his selection. With the treatment being so new and so radical, it is quite possible that this is exactly how candidates were chosen, but at the same time it is extremely unscientific and unprofessional.

It is barely out in the papers that he is even receiving such treatment and Alex returns home. From the very first treatment Alex notes that when he first finds himself feeling nauseous he attributes it to the drugs, but as soon as the end of that first treatment he seems to be attributing it to the violence in the film.

Such a rapid association is highly unlikely to occur. Of course, this is a Hollywood interpretation and there is a limited amount of time to reach the end of the film, but such a rapid recovery is extremely difficult to grasp. Time is a major factor when it comes to conditioning or counter-conditioning as some may view it in this case. The time it would take to admonish such horrible behavior would be months and months.

If one were to look at antisocial personality disorder as a conditioned disorder, then the counter conditioning of such a thing that has been in place for quite some years would take a burdensomely long time to take place.

The end of the movie leaves one pondering whether or not the conditioned response actually still remains. Is it possible for one that has been exposed to such trauma to advertently extinguish their learned behavior without any counter-conditioning what-so-ever?

If so, what are the phenomenon behind such a recovery? It may be noted that over a long period of time without reinforcement of a behavior, that behavior may become extinguished. Would this really be possible? This seems to be much more of a Hollywood ending than a psychological phenomenon. This allows for the moviegoer to be satisfied at the end. It would not be possible for such a character to simply be healed and live happily ever after in such a film.

One final question posed is the psychological ability and capacity of those other three young males Alex associated himself with. Though Alex was the facilitator for the majority of the shenanigans that took place, he did have accomplices in these horrible acts.

Credit should be given, though, to the portrayal of the administration of the treatment. It would be extremely likely for a patient to be given some type of medication the unconditioned stimulus that would make them ill even medication that would cause a partial paralysis as the one in the movie did and not be informed as to what it was.

It is possible that if the patient knows that the medicine will have an adverse consequence, then the outcome would be far less intense and less likely to have an effect.

It may also be likely that a person receiving such treatment would develop a conditioned response to something other than that which is intended. It would be perfectly acceptable to note this response in conditioning if the behavior, which was intended to be conditioned, was.

Alex develops a conditioned response, the illness, to a conditioned stimulus, sex and violence. All in all this is exactly what is intended with such a treatment. The side affects that Alex experiences are also quite believable.

Although the likelihood of such a patient running into all of his or her arch nemesis on the street by pure chance is highly improbable, the lack of a place to call home and a family that would be willing to embrace such a criminal and psychopath is appropriately portrayed.

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The story of A Clockwork Orange, written by Anthony Burgess, is a story about choice, told in a disturbing yet humorous manner shows Alex.

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A Clockwork Orange literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of A Clockwork Orange. As the narrator of A Clockwork Orange, Alex uses nadsat most intensely when he writes about violence. And in some sense, he uses it to brainwash us on a very small level. And in some sense, he uses it to brainwash us on a very small level.

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