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Prentice Hall Guide for College Writers, The, 9th Edition

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Capitalization italics and quotation marks In headings and in titles of works that appear in the text of the paper capitalize all words of four letters or more and all nouns pronouns verbs adjectives and adverbs of any length.

Capitalize the f rst word following a colon if the word begins a complete sentence. In the body of your paper italicize the titles of books journals magazines and other long works such as Web sites. Use quotation marks around the titles of articles short stories and other short works. APA has dif erent requirements for titles in the reference list. Do not use quotation marks around it.

Footnotes If you insert a footnote number in the text of your paper place the number raised above the line immediately follow- ing any mark of punctuation except a dash. At the bottom of the page begin the note with a one-half-inch indent and the superscript number corresponding to the number in the text.

Insert an extra double-spaced line between the last line of text on the page and the footnote. Abstract and keywords An abstract is a toword para- graph that provides readers with a quick overview of your essay. It should express your main idea and your key points it might also brief y suggest any implications or applications of the research you discuss in the paper.

If your instructor requires one include an abstract on a new page af er the title page. Double- space the abstract and do not indent the f rst line. A list of keywords follows the abstract the keywords help readers search for a published paper on the Web or in a data- base. T en list important words related to your paper. Check with your instructor for requirements in your course. Headings Although headings are not always necessary their use is encouraged in the social sciences.

For most undergraduate papers one level of heading is usually suf cient. First-level headings are centered and boldface. Second-level headings are f ush lef and boldface. T ird-level headings are indented and boldface followed by a period and the text on the same line. In f rst- and second-level headings capitalize the f rst and last words and all words of four or more letters and nouns pro- nouns verbs adjectives and adverbs of any length.

In third- level headings capitalize only the f rst word any proper nouns and the f rst word af er a colon. Visuals tables and f gures AP A classif es visuals as tables and f g- ures f gures include graphs charts drawings and photographs. Label each table with an arabic numeral Table 1 Table 2 and so on and provide a clear title. Place the label and title on separate lines above the table f ush lef and double-spaced. Type the table number in regular font italicize the table title.

If you have used data from an outside source or have taken or adapted the table from a source give the source information in a note below the table. If any data in the table require an ex- planatory footnote use a superscript lowercase letter in the table and in a footnote following the source note.

Double-space source notes and footnotes do not indent the f rst line of each note. For an example of a note in a table see p. For each f gure place the f gure number and a caption below the f gure f ush lef and double-spaced.

Place the caption not italicized on the same line. If you have taken or adapted the f gure from an outside source give the source information immediately following the caption. In the text of your paper discuss the most signif cant fea- tures of each visual. Place the visual as close as possible to the sentences that relate to it unless your instructor prefers that visu- als appear in an appendix.

Preparing the list of references Begin your list of references on a new page at the end of the paper. For a sample reference list see page Textbook is NOT included.

Step by step solutions are included. Instant Download after purchase is made. ISBN number serves reference for correspondent textbook. Solution manual for textbook check editions by ISBN. Textbook is NOT included.. Detailed solutions and Math CAD files are all included.

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