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Tesco – Phillip Clarke is no Sir Terry Leahy

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❶Not only did I not have the Hudl, but I would not receive a refund for 3 — 5 working days. I am absolutely in jeperty and after reading this blog I will never ever use the tesco store or online tesco again, those people are crocks, such an unbelievable!

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Redirecting to another channel is more hassle for both the customer and the customer service agent. For extra social customer service points, bring the issue public again as soon as you can. This leaves no one in doubt as to whether you actually delivered good service. First contact resolution is the most important factor when it comes to delivering positive customer experiences to those who reach out for assistance.

Connecting your entire business to social media means that the knowledge your staff holds across different departments can be shared socially, and quickly. Customers are reaching out on social networks with specific, detailed queries.

Tesco puts real service agents with complete knowledge on company products, deals and services so that company replies can offer real value straight away. Empowering knowledgeable agents and connecting your support network to the store level allows companies to give intricate and valuable service. Connecting your entire business internally is the only way to deliver a complete, relevant solution.

A conversational tone is key when working with social platforms. Tesco has mobilised its customer care line as more than just a clinical route for problems. The team combines real, effective support with friendly conversation, encouraging a community to reach out and engage. The audience on a platform like Twitter is diverse, with tweets targeted at both companies and friends.

Consider the best way to add value with every tweet. All of the above pays off for brands like Tesco. Guess what no delivery, on contacting customer services told no stock but Tv should be with me soon.

Amazingly Tv arrived Thursday just a shame the screen was smashed. Customer services contacted no Tvs in stock and refund will be issued. Broken set collected 8. My wife and myself r both with tesco mobile my complaint is about the network we both can, t text or ring out we can, t get any numbers up on our phones so when it comes to topping our phones up we will not be able to which is due on the 2nd of january i would be grateful for any help u can give me thanks m mccallum.

Complain to retailer, breach of Sale and Supply of Goods Act and tips. Myself and my wife went to Tesco at the Eden Centre to go see Customer service.. And there was a Man who was very un helpful to us demanding that I go over to the shelf and find the product that was on the 3for2 offer… I then asked for the manger… the Manager came and said the Product were to different items on sale and not in the same group but in good will she will give us the refund and told the rude man to give us a refund for the amount…my wife went over to the register with this guy to get the refund then he blurted out to her that if she dares to come in here again looking for a refund he will take her photograph!!!

I then went back to the Manager and she said she would speak to him and offered us no Apology at all. I asked if the CCTV was checked as promised and was informed that this was not done….. I asked again for confirmation that it was working and was assure they were by the lady. She promised to do that and get back to me. I spoke to the cash office manager and she apologised, got my details again and stated that it could well be an error on the part of the staff a trainee , agreed to pay the money back but with no apology from the staff…….

See all my other posts! I have a recorded conversation with the cash office manager on my mobile phone which I informed her that I was recording our conversation this is one of the reasons why such apps come in handy but am waiting for Tesco to play out their blame game of saying the manager stated that I verbal abused staff…….

Romford WAS in Essex until when it was removed from the county. Since then Romford has been in London. In the London Borough of Havering in east London. We receive healthy start vouchers from government went to tesco today purchased all the items stated on the voucher ie fruit vegetables milk total bill came to I had to buy cupcakes from asda at 9 pm at night, tesco paid for these but i had the stress of trying to find an alternative the night before party.

I certainly would not call it easy entertaining. Well I got falsely accused of attempting to steal stock from tesco. I seem to have been targeted twice by a particular staff member at my local tesco. My plan is to boycott tesco forever.

Not enough information here. Info you may find helpful here. Hi I bought a Lego set from Tesco Direct for my grandson, it arrived late and a bit scuffed. I was asked for feedback, so I gave honest and critical feedback.

Tesco replied that their moderators had decided not to post my feedback on their site. Tesco then emailed me again to ask for feedback on the same transaction! So I supplied the same feedback with an addendum describing what happened to my original feedback. Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines.

Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time! Slow delivery, scruffy package I bought this as a gift for my grandson, and paid extra to make sure it got there in time. It was not delivered on the day agreed, but the day after that, Tesco refunded the express delivery charge.

The package was a bit scuffed, not badly enough to send it back, but it was not perfect. Tesco asked me for my feedback, and I complied, giving the text prior to this sentence. I then got a message from Tesco saying they had decided not to post my feedback, without any explanation, I assume because it was critical of their service and they were trying to protect their feedback scores.

Tesco then asked me again to provide feedback, so here it is …. Shall tweet this out and see if we can get a response from Tesco… Asked, they have asked if you can get in touch with them on Twitter?

Any Companies that are not prepared to tell the truth about their Halal product have a lot to hide and can not be trusted. Why is it we as Muslim community for once not been given the truth, do these companies not have a social responsibility or care as to what they feeding the Muslim community, if this question was asked by a non Muslim customer what they were eating I believe this would have been answered.

Please read the blog posts. I was emailed notifying me that it would be available for collection on Saturday, April 4 after 3. I could have travelled a couple of miles to a store that stocked them but Saturday was fine and fitted in with my plans. However, on Friday I ended-up in a store that stocked Hudls. I therefore asked if I could simply collect one thereby saving Tesco the bother of shipping.

Bearing in mind that I had already paid, I was told that I would need to pay again i. I found this somewhat poor in this electronic age. My local store had not received my order nor could the manager explain what had happened other than something to do with Yodel.

As it would be Tuesday at the very earliest before one could be delivered I was offered the option to cancel my order. I duly did so which turned out to be a mistake. The manager gave me the telephone number of customer services albeit the wrong number. As expected, the telephone conversation got me nowhere. Not only did I not have the Hudl, but I would not receive a refund for 3 — 5 working days. Further, as I had cancelled my order Tesco could not arrange another without me paying again.

So, no Hudl and no money. I have followed-up my calls to Tesco with an email to Dave Lewis thanks for the address. Whether any such response provides a satisfactory response remains to be seen.

Having been far from happy at being let down by Tesco I could easily have fired-off some less than complimentary correspondence to it. Fortunately, I found your Web site along with the invaluable advice. I duly received a telephone call on Tuesday morning from a very polite and honest Tesco employee.

Although he had a basic idea of what went wrong, he asked for another day to complete the investigation. True to his word, he did call back and explained that the courier was to blame — a case of theft if I had to read between the lines.

Simple, straightforward and no arguing, probably go as far to say it was a perfect example of how to resolve a complaint. I have a Tesco mobile phone. I have had nothing but connection problems with it since I got it in June last year. I moved in January this year and trying to get signal to send messages, answer or make phone calls and using the internet is virtually impossible. I rang them in February to complain.

Of course, nobody rang back. So earlier this month, I rang them again and they finally said I have no connection for calls, texts or internet at all where I live.

Even at my workplace — I cannot get a signal for internet! And I work in a different town than to wear I live. I could probably get a better signal from standing on the moon!!!!! I know Tesco shares its mast with O2 — so there is no point in going to O2 either because my friends cannot even get signal on their O2 phones at my address.

I live in between two towns and it is not out in the country. There are quite a lot of houses where I live. When I spoke to them earlier this month — I told them I have rights as a customer because they are not fulfilling their service of contract to me. When they asked me where I had received my information, I told them it was from the Which site.

But why should I pay anything? And I do try to budget everything and have absoutely no social life. For such a major company, you would think that Tesco could at least show some decency to their customers.

But fear not — because I shall ring them again when I have black and white print in my hands to quote from. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am glad I could come somewhere and have a rant about why Tesco makes me so angry. And it seems I am not the only one. I was typing in such a rush and should have read it first before I posted it.

I was in Tesco Liverpool park road and bought a joint of lamb for my grans birthday lunch on sunday after cooking it the meat was As you will have seen this post is quite old and I do think under the new CEO that things are improving. You are only entitled to a refund of the products…exactly how much more money were you after? In the latter case it may have been that the item was reduced. A full refund is all your entitled to.

However if it was sold after the sell before date you should report it to Trading Standards. One important feature he was looking for is Bluetooth. To make sure, he asked someone from staff and they too said reading off the leaflet that it has Bluetooth. As bought, the phone has neither Bluetooth nor a handsfree speakerphone and Tesco should be taken up on printing false information on their info leaflets.

Is that just plain lying on their part in order to sell the phones? Like many people ,i was very sorry that you felt it necessary to close t esco home in n etherfield retail park,nottingham I. Everything goes through, gets dispatched ok etc. I ask Tesco if they can prompt them I do this a couple of times over a few days.

Also the order was returned as the courier attempted delivery but no one was home at the 24 hr Tesco Express. Their proposed resolution was that I buy another PS4. As a goodwill gesture. I have just received an letter back from the Customer Service Manager, regarding damage to my vehicle whilst filling up with fuel at Tesco.

Basically someone had swapped around the nozzles so that the unleaded holder had the super unleaded nozzle and the super unleaded holder had the unleaded. So as a result of this my car has now got a dint in it as a result of the super unleaded nozzle falling on my car. I was advised by the staff working in the petrol station to report it to customer services, which I did I filled a damage report in store, detailing exactly what happened.

Thank you for helping the staff at our Hewitts Circus, Humberstone by providing your details for a vehicle damage report, on the 20th August. I understand your car was damaged when you were filling up with fuel at our petrol filling station. As the damage happened through no fault through Tesco, but the actions of another customer, we are unable to accept responsibility for the damage caused to your car. Understandly, this reply will be disappointing. However, you may still be able to claim through your motor insurance.

I have a current issue with Tesco Direct, I got the fed up that I sent an email to the CEO on Sunday night giving him a very brief history of my complaint, see below: I received email confirmation of the order.

I later received confirmation that the order had been split into two batches and both would be available for collection after 3pm on I was asked to give them another 24hours to issue the refund, Karen would ring me by 2pm today to confirm this had been done or give me an update. Not surprisingly this did not happen, I found myself back instore for the 8th time, speaking to yet another manager and being told exactly the same thing.

I also work for a large organisation so can appreciate that there are processes that have to be followed, however there is a point when logic has to kick in and override procedure when issues like this arise.

I await your response. She told me she would call back and confirm when it had been done. The following message referencing ticket has been written:. I have tried to contact oyu regarding your order placed in September, I have spoken to Tesco Directly and they have confirmed that the order is with them in store and has been since the 29th September Apologies for any inconvenience this delay may have caused Kind Regards.

Please see Tips this post and history with Tesco. I bought some Gaviscon from a Tesco Metro on Sunday got home and took one, after about twenty mins I felt rather sick, I put this down to me not having any food on Sunday morning, later on in the afternoon I then took another Gaviscon and this time was physically sick. I thought it was rather strange so I checked the packet to see if there was any ingredients within that could possibly cause this.

I usually take them and have had no problems in the past. After checking the packaging i seen that the expiry date was 11 weeks ago.

I then emailed your customer service department and got no reply, I then emailed again and got nothing back, I then went onto the online chat and spoke to someone called Lucy and then her manager Mark, He has advised me to go to a Tesco Store to log a complaint.

I had a very important work meal last night that I had to cancel because of the way I felt since Sunday afternoon, I still feel rather sick and will be going to see my doctor to make sure that there is no problems with me taking this 11 weeks out of date medication. You told me i would recieve 6months refund to my account as a goodwill gesture and compensation? Perhaps reading the above blog posts and links within it might help?

The chocolate was the last item and she struggled to scan the item. She called for her supervisor who arrived and told me that she could not sell me the chocolates because they were not on the system. I turned and walked out. I sadly owned Tesco shares until about 2 months ago when I sold them. Have a look at my history with Tesco.

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