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Drugs Essay Examples

Sample Expository Essay on the Personality as a Factor in Drug Use

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Drug Abuse Essay Topics
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Older When Should People Retire? Animal Testing Animal Testing: No Should Parents Pay? Less Valuable Now Education: Too Many People with Degrees! Do Degrees Make Us Happy? Spending on Art Spending on Art: Telecommuting Who learns faster? Ideas for an essay. Ideas for an essay Why do you think drug abuse is becoming more of a problem in our society? What should you do? Pick the biggest ideas Pick ideas you can support with an example. No matter how strong or clear an idea or reason may seem to you, you need to be able to support it with an example sentence or two.

They might be fine in other writing, but not here. There is a guide on expository essay writing as well that can be used to better understand the structure of the paper. Below is a sample essay on one of the topics listed above:. An article published in PsychologyToday. However, according to an article published four years earlier in MedicalNewsToday.

The article accounts for this phenomenon by claiming that favourable environmental and cultural conditions can help offset addictive personality traits. There is a complex interplay of societal, community, peer, family and individual factors accounting for negative behaviour such as substance abuse, according to the United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention Globally, it has been observed that a member of a family with a history of drug abuse and dependence is more prone to drug abuse.

This finding is corroborated in many studies, such as Wu et al. In other studies, Jauhar and Watson , and Curran et al have found the same pattern to occur with respect to alcohol abuse and dependence. Bierut, Dinwiddie, and Regleiter have established the significant influence of genetics in alcohol dependence, while Tsuang et al. Thus, family environment is instrumental, both in promoting drug abuse and dependence and in providing protection from it.

In this section, a few of these factors have been reviewed. The limitations concomitant with the chosen research design render a large number of these findings as purely correlative rather than causal.

Below are several factors associated with family environment. Physical and sexual abuse in childhood: Thus, risk of alcohol abuse in adulthood is enhanced in women subjected to physical or sexual abuse in childhood, as delineated in studies done by Langeland and Hartgers and Rice et al.

Curiously, with regard to males research points to contradictory evidence; perusal of studies done by Galaif et al. Jarvis, Copeland and Walton go a step further, establishing direct correlation between adolescent drug abuse among women and childhood sexual abuse, accompanied by the extrapolation that such drug use could be in the form of self-medication aimed at reducing emotional pain induced via childhood abuse. Family practices and attitudes relating to substance abuse: Lane et al stressed the importance of peer influences leading to substance use among youth; however, one cannot neglect the significance of family practices and attitudes.

For instance, Lane et al have referred to a household survey on substance use done in that revealed the lowest incidence of substance use among youth in the age group of years.

Swaim, Nemeth, and Oetting have highlighted a similar reduction in alcohol use among girls in Hungary, owing to strong family sanctions against such substance abuse.

Problematic relations with family members and partners: Lane et al have brought attention to the fact that youth who had several weekly arguments with their parents showed a greater tendency to have used marijuana during the previous year than others who had one argument a week or month, as revealed by a national household survey done. Studies have established that the direct correlation between problematic relations with family members and drug abuse by adolescents manifests internationally.

Women in Zagreb were more prone to alcoholism due to problematic relations with family members and partners. Other studies have shown how more than 75 of Scottish males admitted for alcohol abuse blamed failed marriages and family neglect on their alcoholism. A rationale for compulsion.

20 Topics for Drug Abuse Essay: Drug Use and Its Consequences

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Proposal Essay On Drug Abuse Programs Words: Pages: 8 Paragraphs: 16 Sentences: Read Time: Drug addiction is considered as a gnawing problem because of its persistent negative effects not just to individuals but also to society.

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If you are looking for a topic on which to write your drug abuse essay and the consequences of drugs, then review the topics below: The Size of Substance Misuse and Limitations on Data for Substance Abuse. Different Trends Relating to Drug Use and How It Has Changed Over Time. History of Psychoactive Substances in the Country of Your Choosing.

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Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Drug Abuse" Drug abuse The level of drug abuse in the US has increased a lot hence leading to the creation of whether some . One of the most heavily debated topics in pharmaceuticals is the regulation of prescription drugs versus over the counter herbal supplements. The Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, studies prescription drugs for years before releasing and allowing them to be prescribed to the public.

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Addiction by Prescription In this essay, I’m going to explore the abuse of prescription drugs, provide information on the most commonly abused substances, and on . If you want to know how drug abuse affects the society in the whole, be sure to read a custom written essay sample on this topic below.