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Marriott Hotels Customer Service Phone Number

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❶She and her staff were most caring,helpful and generous.. What is gone wrong with Marriott, we used to treated like guest and now we treated like a customer If you call customer service, all you hear is fancy messages in different languages and next you are on hold for 25 minutes still no one comes on the phone , really you want your customers to hold for 25 minutes, you should not have contact phone numbers if you want people hold hold and hold I don't even know how to get hold of someone , please start hiring people who answers the phone.

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I am in the Fairfield inn east in Louisville ky. I called 2 hours ago and was transferred to your reservation center. They decided that I should t be in the Springfield suites downtown. When I first tried to rectify the problem you made your customer center forwarded me to your closed customer care number. When I called back your customer care operator hung up on me.

Janelle at the desk here at the Fairfield inn is taking care of it. Move your phone reservation system to the US , and make sure your operators learn the difference between your brands. My husband and I are planning a trip to California this fall and I had the pleasure of working with Vicki Brooks at Marriott to book our reservations.

We had to make several reservations using our Marriott Rewards Points and Vicki was so helpful. She was having computer problems that day, but she handled the situation beautifully and she made me feel so at ease while waiting for her computer to respond. Vicki is a wonderful asset to the Marriott Corporation.

She did an excellent job. I have been a pretty loyal customer and reward member of Marriott for a few years now but must tell you how disappointed I was with my stay in Philadelphia on Market Street april 24 — 28 I arrived at the hotel approx midnight on the 24th and the morning of the 25th I had breakfast in your restaurant and sometime within the next 2 hrs my wallet was stollen. When I filed the police report the officer stated to me that unfortunately that is peoples J O B around here..

Sort of blew it off as something that happens alot. When I got to the airport and had to show my police report to get on the plane to return to California.. Were you at the Marriott there on Market street.. When I replyed yes… he just shook his head and said.. AH HUH… like that was common. I had to spend a good hours on the phone and with police cancelling cards, filing police report and such when I was suppose to be enjoying my daughers Penn Relays meet and seeing the sights of Phili.

Not to mention the many hours I spend once I arrived back home trying to straighten all the mess out. The security there was very tight.. I now appreciate that more than ever.

I would appreciate it if you could somehow reimburse me for my time and trouble in dealing with a problem that I feel could have been avoided if your costly facility in Phili would have had better security. Someone named Mary, heavy accent, at the front desk called me at 7: We have stayed at the Tucson location on Speedway and we will never stay at any other place. They provide you with great prices, excellent rooms, outstanding food and provide breakfast and dinner during the week.

We have had the best time with our family at the pool and cook out. They have outstanding service to guest and hope more people come and enjoy all the excellent care…. Staff is negligent and discriminatory. I never got an apology or any compensation. Their gym only has ONE elliptical. We traveled to Overland Park, Kansas for a reunion.

We are staying at the Overland Park Mariott. My 78 year old father in law drove 80 miles to see us. Upon his arrival, he called the front desk from his car in the front drive in search of us. The woman serving between 6: Confused he turned and drove back home.

We typically enjoy our stay in your hotel, however, a family hotel line caused a family crisis with an elderly man. There is an unfortunate issue within the customer service philosophy at the front desk of the Overland park Mariott. Someone bought a beer at the market place and gave our room number. The signature and name were wrong. My suggestion that Mangement should have a look to Revenue Manager. That lady must be changed.

She always went out for chit chat, lunch,… couples of hours. She used to give staffs, guests, her team a bribe. Otherwise, she will cause difficulties to them. She is a cruel to team, boss.

Unacceptable, how come she still be existed in hotel many years whithout control. Revenue Manager at Renaissan riverside saigon hotel.

I worked the breakfast bar, the cleanest one that did cause the weekend workers are nasty, the guess complain.

But they tell me how neat and clean I am, but listen to his wife he always try to find something wrong. So I got tired of and quit. Hell he dnt even do his job to worry about the wife, she be out there shaking her tittes at him getting him all distracted, they goes in his office and close the door be in there like 15 or 20mins, while ppl coming to desk to check out. He not focus on his job and he be taking it out on the employers, just the blk ones.

I would like to thank Bradley,both Dons,both Jennifers, Diamond, and a girl who work the front desk. Dark hair Don the maintance man cut a piece of plywood for my wife to sleep on under the mattress because of her bad problems. Made her stay wonderful!!!

I wrote a review and expected a follow up regarding an unpleasant experience I had at the Marriott Renaissance in Vienna, Austria in June of this year. The issue regarded a confrontation with a front desk receptionist. While I did not hold it against Marriott, I do resent your indifference in getting back to me on this issue. I do not expect this type of attitude and poor service at Austria Marriott when I check into any Marriott.

I have not had this type of service at the Hyatt or Hilton. It also appeared that lack of good service is an issue at this particular hotel as a saw a representative of Marriott furious with the hotel for not providing good service. He found bed bugs, brought a bug down to the front desk, and then the front desk person asked if he could find another hotel in the area.

My brother left the hotel found another hotel and paid for the other hotel room. I was very upset how this was handled, he should have been offered another room or a room at another Marriott hotel. When I called Amy the manager, she told me all the steps she had to go through, and had to talk to her front desk person, she let me know it clearly added to her to do list. Then it got transferred to their claims dept.

The claims person, Cathy, also had to talk to the front desk person, so i learned of their different schedules etc. Again, not once, so sorry for the inconvenience, how can we help. There are too many choices, especially in this economy, and I plan to keep talking until someone hears me and acknowledges the horrible customer service! Since I have been a regular at Jw Mumbai and I loved everything about the hotel.

Starting from check in to check out in 3 hours.. The manager at the front desk was the nastiest, unfriendly and very aggressive physically I have ever seen in any where I have stayed around the globe. After I question him about bloody sheets took pics for proof in the room he checked me in after waiting 35 mins at check in desk , he threatened me physically. I checked out of the hotel in 3 hrs. Scared for my life.

Tushar followed me outside the hotel where I was waiting for a taxi and he wanted to hit me physically. To my luck there were many people outside the hotel that intervened. Marriott your reputation is at stake here, take a look and correct matters of this sort.

Customer service is absolutely not begun for Tushar. Question is here are we safe in a Marriott hotel in Mumbai? Where the staff themselves want to be physical with their guests. The director of Catering has actually handled the situation an hour later!!! Never again will I stay or have a function at the Marriot! My daughter got me a room at this marriott on Thursday..

I never experience their beds being that soft.. Marriott in Waldorf Md.. They are damaging your good name and using it to get prople to open accounts.

I been a silver member for many years and have never been so miss informed. They say its in the small print. Marriott has the worst customer service I have experienced in a long time! I called multiple times to request an emailed receipt for a recent stay. I was told each time that they would send it right away. Since I never received it, I called customer service to request a copy that way. She then proceeded to hang up on me.

There are many other great hotel programs to enroll in. Please,Just stay away from all Marriott motels.. Customer service is very rude if you have a problem and they will never fix it in anyway..

Got Burger and Fries. Thought it would be quick and simple. Took 3 innings of the wild card play-off game to be served. Fries were good burger was terrible. Napkins smelled like grease. Bar was infested with fruit flies. Happen to be doing construction work at the new Marriott Marquis in DC.

I hope the service instant the same. On checking in at midnight to the Anchorage Marriott Residence Inn for a reserved two week stay I had just checked out one week before after a 2 week stay I was informed by the tactless desk agent that a hundred dollar deposit or another credit card for incidentals would be required, it was hotel policy, otherwise he would not admit me. I canceled the reservation and went elsewhere. I am a Platinum member and have not previously experienced such obvious disdain for customer satisfaction.

Too bad such a rotten apple sullies an otherwise acceptable property. I am very disappointed with Marriott Customer Service they will not answer my calls just because I had to contact my attorney because one of marriott security officers at the marriott marquis hotel in san francisco assualted me. I have been so loyal to the brand they are like family and they have turned there back on me. I stayed here for business, after my business and myself checked numerous times with the hotel about my reservations once I got there after working all day, driving over three hours, and having the flu they stated they would not accept my companies payment for they had changed their name and failed to inform their LARGE vendors.

They put over dollars on hold with my checking acct. I was there for three days with no way to fill up my gas tank, no way to pay for food, or parking or anything else I might of needed. The valet parking was terrible. They blasted the music so when I got into my car it was all the way up. They continued to apologize yet did nothing about any of it. They stated that they would fix the payment issue and take the on hold money off, but never did. I was supposed to stay in this hotel three more times for a week at a time before the end of the year, but that will never happen.

I will never stay in this hotel again or any Marriott for that matter, I would rather camp. I have never seen someone with as large of business as I am from that has people staying their on a daily basis treat a customer this way. I have also worked very hard to make sure they are no longer a vendor for my company. No one should have to go through the week I went through!!!! I am writing to share my poor experiance with your hotel. I am currently staying at the Buttes property in Tempe Arizona.

I called the front desk on morning 1 to report that the shower drain began gurgling at 5: A technician was sent, who indicated that he had cleared the drain. The technician attempted to fix, but the rattle re-appeared shortly after he left. This morning I was again awakened at 5: I went to the front desk to request another room but was told there were none available.

Not wanting to endure another issue with the room, i packed later this morning and went to the front desk to check out a day early. I spoke with the Manager, Kurt Thompson, who indicate that they had infact set aside another room for me. I requested some consideration for the poor stay, and was offered an appetizer and a couple of drinks. As I travel frequently, I can share with you that the other brand hotels I support with my business have been much more accomodating for disruption caused by their properties.

The manage offered to remove the internet charge for one night, as a way to compensate me for the troubles encountered. With all of the hotel choices which are available who take customer service more seriously, I think any business should be concerned about loosing customers. Though it may be one at a time…it eventually adds up. We just stayed this past weekend Oct.

We had booked a block of rooms for a girls soccer team as there was a tournament in town. The rooms were booked about a month in advance.

The day of our arrival our team manager was contacted and informed that the Susan G. Komen race was taking place Saturday morning and we would have to be out of our hotel rooms by 8am or we would be stuck in the hotel and not able to leave the parking lot until after 11am. This was right in the middle of our scheduled games. No solution was offered by the hotel staff nor were we told about this when the rooms were booked. When we tried to figure out a solution, my husband was lectured about how we should support this cause and it was a good cause.

After checking into our room, and knowing that at this late hour there was not way to change hotels, we went to our room to find it was not the room that was booked a month in advance. Our room was secured with a credit card, and I called to let them know we would be a late arrival, but our room was obviously given to another guest. When we questioned the front desk about this, again we were made to feel like we should be thanking them for giving us this other room.

My husband travels weekly for business trips and has never experienced such poor customer service. We will think twice before staying at another Marriott property. When I checked in there was a very nice woman at the front desk who was very helpful and seemed very interested in making sure I would enjoy my stay. Her name is Gienise Nunes. During my two day stay she continued to be extremely courteous and helpful. Her attitude made up for the fact the premises was under construction.

I was with relatives at Guam Marriott and we had the worse experience ever. Our check in was ok but not professionally done and in fact they look like they were having a hard time understanding what they needed to do. This was about 5pm and we waited long while the frontdesk agent struggled to check my relatives in and was not friendly.

I mean if they were training someone they should do in a professional way. And as we finally got thru we tried to call operator for help in our room with the lights the phone rang like 15 xs before they answered and then when they did answer we could barely understand them because they spoke to fast and the music was blaring in the background and people were loud and laughing we couldnt even understand a thing the operator said.

Now weve been customers for over 15 years but to get this kind of treatment was absurb,The operator was not friendly and in fact we called again later that night and still the phones kept ringing and ringing we were exhausted. The next day experience was better in the morning the staff was friendly in the morning as well as operators but again sad to say torwards the evening we got the same treatment staff not friendly and operators not helpful.

Please if you want to keep your customers train your staff right after all Marriott is a well renown hotel. On Thanksgiving evening after a very long day of travel by car 5 hours total, Black Friday sales, and family dinner. I arrive to a cold room. I adjusted the thermostat to no avail. I called the desk to request more blankets at 11;20 pm and a very rude employee told me that the TownePlace Suites had no extra blankets.

When I explained to him that not having blankets was certainly not up to the standards of Marriott, he yelled at me! He also refused to give me his name.

My room was clean an spacious, but that employee is not up to the Marriott standard. Our stay was brought about by the sudden and unexpected death of our youngest son. The staff at the Courtyard was absolutely great.

She and her staff were most caring,helpful and generous.. Under the circumstances, the staff there made our stay as pleasant as possible. Each of them gave serious attention and concern of our needs. We seriously thank each of them for their unselfish and sympathetic assistance. We book 3 rooms at Towneplace suites Marriott in Moosic, Pa.

When I called down to ask about a suite case rack the night Manger informed me she had no idea if the room came with one and that she was the only one working the hotel. The next day the cleaning women asked if we wanted one of the rooms cleaned we told her yes, and informed her that the other room was unoccupied and she could clean that.

On our return back at 4pm the room was not cleaned and we asked her twice before we left to clean it. When my husband returned at 5 pm he asked her to clean it again. When I called front desk at 6: Would never recommend this hotel, they seem to have a teenager as a manager. One room was for my wife and I and the second room was for my son and grandson.

I would like to give praise to the night staff who checked us in. They all were very helpful and extremely friendly. We all thank you for that. When we booked these rooms I specifically asked if would be possible to have adjoining rooms so that we could be next to our son and grandson. I know there is no guarantee for honoring this request but we were very pleased to learn that this request was being honored.

As it turned out Daniel was also the driver of the courtesy shuttle to the airport the next day. We had a wonderful time and our stay at this hotel was outstanding. Again, a special thank you to Daniel as well as the entire staff on duty over the weekend. Very friendly, very professional and very accommodating. We would recommend this hotel to our friends. Hope to see you all again next year. I would like to first give praise to the night person who checked us in.

She was wonderful and very helpful. The problem was when we left, we forgot our pillows in our room and did not realize it till half way home. We called the hotel and spoke to the receptionist and explained what had happen and we told them we would pay for shipping.

The response we received was to call FedEx or UPS, so we did and each told us to have the hotel use their account but have us pay. We called back and spoke to the same person who was not helping so we asked to speak to the supervisor and she stated she was the acting supervisor. We did not believe this to be correct but she was the only person to speak too. She finally agreed to ship the pillows with a pack and ship company.

We explained we needed the pillows next day and would pay for over night. We called again the next day and was told they did not ship them because the store was close. We ended up buying new pillows but still would like our pillows back and it has been 7 days and still have not received our pillows. It is very disappointing to experience a staff member who would not assist us when we had an issue. These are only pillows but I would have expected from a hotel caring your name would be more supportive to their customers.

I wish u all could find something better to do with your time.. Thank you to the wonderful staff at the Marriott Northwest in Atlanta. I arrived on Tuesday evening without a reservation, having driven less than 5 miles in 5 hours in the crazy snowstorm. The staff welcomed me and all of the other folks who sought refuge from the gridlock conditions and icy roads.

They made all of us as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. Without exception, the staff answered every request with a smile and a positive attitude. I was so impressed by the way in which the staff worked together, pitching in wherever needed. Their positive attitude helped all of us keep calm and remain positive. Thanks to Marriott for another great stay. My wife and I stay on a regular basis each year at your Lincolnshire Resort for our anniversary around the end of Jan-early Feb.

Another great time this year. Same room, but this time our 3 night stay included chocolate covered strawberries and a flower Thanks Alyce and her team. Great food and service at the bar and restaurants. Great to see the number of employees there have been there a long time. Even your food and Bev. Townplace suites, Tempe, Arizona. No attempt to quiet the noise, no attempt to help.

Just came back from the Marriott St. Kitts from a week stay Had a suite that never had hot water for a hot shower. They ran out of soap or body wash supplies and the food service was the slowest from any hotel that i have ever visited.

I am a Ritz Carlton club member and have stayed at many rItz hotels around the world. This st kitts hotel is somewhat an embaressment to the Marriott name.

Hello, I just want to say how much I enjoy your hotels and look forward to visiting them in the future. And irrevelant of your response I will continue to do so. This country is going through a period of re-writing laws that have been with us for thousands of year.

Laws based on a lot of trial and error. We are currently going through a period of redefining this portion; and you may not know if you go too far. And it may not go far enough. I was disappointed to see this company get involve with this issue; just as I did Chick-Fill-A. Even if I agree with you in the largest extent. Your expertise is in running hotels, which I appreciate.

Please keep to it. The Fortune company I work for does that; they focus on their core business. I am not threatening anything; which makes me better than you. You are good at your job; but you are not wise. I am not even able to check in to the Marriott at the Philadelphia airport. I am so angry with Marriott! I booked my room for 3 people online but called the same day for a better rate.

I went online yesterday, month later, and they have us in a room with one king bed. I called the hotel directly and they said they cannot guarantee preference but they are all sold out of two double beds so someone got their preference or everyone would be told at check in leaving never being sold out!

They said do not book online. Once she admitted to seeing it in the computer she said she could not do anything about it. I emailed a detailed letter to corporate. I am ready to make a formal complaint if they cannot fix the situation with something other than excuses.

The only positive is that I did not prepay. Beware if you do! And was so dissappointed…. Going to switch to Hilton…Marriott is a bust. Recently stayed at Marriott Wardman Park. Personnel from reception to concierge to housekeeping were very good. Felt gouged by nit pick charge for wifi in room. Lessor quality hotels offer free wifi. But I guess even the allegedly best stick it to guests for an extra buck. I chose not to select. The only improvement I strongly request is to put in additional tees for women around — yds.

There are a lot of women players who regularly play on tees that are in the high yds. The lack of combo tees would deter a lot of women players from going to the Trail. Niral MRCustomer Service was extremely helpful today. He was knowledgable, friendly and very courteous in getting a Sr. Trina in Rewards was hell in getting me to Kia in Guest Services to update the new Chase card into your system, and send me on to Kristan and Esther who helped me to get to this point where I can validate their excellent and friendly service.

I want to suggest that in the survey I agreed to take after speaking with Niral that you might let us grade your representatives on all 4 areas that are mentioned and not just one because a representative can be knowledgable as well as friendly.

It was also too many categories to remember before picking one. Getting help today from Mariott personnel was a very pleasant experience today and I wanted you to know. I just noticed that I misspelled something.

It should be Trina in Rewards was helpful not hell in getting me to Kia……. Please correct my error. During a long period of rain, my room at the residence inn by Marriott began collecting ground water. I called the front desk to notify them and to move my room. The front desk politely let me know There is no maintenance and there were no rooms available.

He did graciously ask me if I needed Additional towels to clean up the water. Pretty surprised at the lack of concern for a guest. I travel a week a month and Marriott is my primary housing while on assignment and I come in contact with many Marriott employees. A big mahalo goes out to Mustapha, thanks for talking me in after 20 hours of straight flying.

Thank you to Walter and Andrena. The German food was really good you guys! Having spent many extended stays at Marriott all over the world, I can tell you, these people are some smooth operators. I want to bring to the attention to Marriott management that Ms. She was able to find a room for me at the hotel rather than me having to try to get a room outside of Arlington 20 miles away from my meetings. She was a kind voice at the end of the phone and she said she would make it her personal mission to help me and she did!

Thank again, Ms Tipton! Hope the Marriott holds a special day for excellent staff and she is noted in some way. Thank you again Ms. Stayed at savannah river front hotel May 3rd an4th on the at 3: With all the Hectic events going on the Hotel staff could not be more pleasant and made every effort to make everyone feel special. Although all the staff were very hospitable there were two employees that really stood out. Their dispostion never changed.

They are an assett to the Marriott Hotel Chain. I travel 2 weekends a month and the marriott in Chattanooga is the worst stay I have had in a hotel! We returned home yesterday from our stay at the Marriott Courtyard Allen Texas. The hotel is so dirty I will never stay there again. They never vacuum the rooms or the hallways on the room floors!!!

The vacuum cleaners are on the carts but never in my 4 day stay did I hear or see one being used , never!! I takes the abut 10 minutes to clean the rooms and use the long handle lint stick I guess to get the big crap off the floor. I will now stay at the Hilton Homewood Suites down the road. You need to vacuum this hotel, clean the showers with the mold in them and get new towels that are not paper thin. After having driven for 13 hours it was a relief to be given such a warm welcome and customer service that deserves mention.

Tashika Hicks took the time out to make sure we had what we needed and also added little extras like cookies and a snack or two for my 9 year old son. She was very professional and made us feel like she cared about our visit to Atlanta. First complaint deals with the parking fee.. Every night around 2AM the 1st floor turned into the party floor with lots of traffic and noise.. The entry door did nothing for sound with every conversation passing thru to the room.. Finally the last night about 2: About 10 minutes later , the fire alarm went off!!!!

Worst stay of 6 hotel stays during my 8 days vacation trip …. First this was the highest rate I paid during my 2 weeks of traveling. I waited for 15 minutes in the lobby waiting to secure 1 of 2 baggage racks, which I needed because my husband is disabled.

Then I went to do some laundry, only to find there was not detergent for sale in the laundry room, as stated in the Guest Service Directory, so had to go down to the front desk to get detergent and returning to the laundry and placing clothing and detergent in the washer, the machine would not take my quarters, so then I had to take everything out of the washer, get more detergent and go to the first floor for a working machine.

Additionally the table and counter tops in our room had food crumbs and glass marks on them. The best part of the our stay was the friendly and helpful staff person in the breakfast room. It will take some incentive for me to recommend or stay at a Fairfield Marriott in the future. I have been a loyal customer Marriott for many years. I have one big complaint that has bothered me for years. Why when u have a TV in every room in the building do u find it necessary to have them in the public spaces,ie Conciegers Lounge, lobbies,resturants and health clubs?.

I find it so annoying when I am trying to carry on a conversation or having breakfast,lunch or dinner to have to compete with a TV usually tuned into some news station or political show. Today I was finally able to reserve rooms for our daughters up coming wedding on December 6, It took several months and we are still trying to get it right with them.

I called there on April 14, and a date prior to that leaving messages for the event planner Kelsey Brown to return my call so I could find out how to block rooms for her wedding date as we are expecting people from out of town and a room for ourselves.

No return calls from anyone. I called again on April 29, and again I was told I need to speak with the event planner Kelsey Brown. I said no I would like to speak with the manager and they said that was Greg they put me through to his voice mail and again I left a message to return my call, again no response. My daughter Brooke the bride started calling also , same thing happened with her a couple of times.

She even spoke with Greg finally which he did not tell her he was the manager, I did. He said he would get back to her after he spoke to event planner. Brooke told him to get back with her that day. After speaking with corporate the funny thing was, Greg the manager in Fort Wayne, IN called her back like ten minutes after she hung up with your corporate office.

Well the invitations have been sent out including where to stay at your Marriot Towne Place Suites which her reception hall advertises for your service on their brochures and website YOLO Event Center which is just down the street from this location. Being the manager you would think he would like to fill up these rooms and accommodate potential customers.

Ok whatever so I said I still need to make sure I have 10 rooms, I gave him my credit card number to hold these rooms no problem. I said so we did have 20 rooms totally blocked correct? Greg said no only 12 were blocked for this wedding. He finally said he was able to block 8 more today. I called my daughter to tell her what was going on. Brooke then called Greg again he is supposed to be holding up to a total of 30 rooms for December 6, He then told her that this facility really does not have the accommodations to hold that many rooms, after which he finally agreed to do.

It is a little late for us to try and get different places to stay for our guests. Just file a complaint with customer service at Marriott corporate.

Kathleen was nice enough to listen to what I have to say, confirmed that she will pass my complaint on to Marriott Residence Inn in Vacaville, CA. Then, at the end, I asked her for her opinion — if that would have been the right thing to do, letting the manager or owner know what was going on — she said I was wasting my time. A negative experience at this specific location for our hockey weekend.

They over booked their rooms, wanted guests to volunteer to switch hotels. Worst part was they had used my name to tell one of five other guest that I had volunteered to move them to another hotel.

The first mishap started with getting the wring type of room than had been requested. At first a friend and I were told that we had made a mistake when we registered on line. They added there were any king size bed rooms available anyway. After seeing written proof of the registration all of a sudden the rooms became available. Then much to our surprise the entire facility is under renovation. There were workmen there every day from 8 to 5: Unluckily for me, they were working on the 6th floor and my room was on the fifth floor.

Starting to hear drilling and hammering that early in the morning was not an acceptable way to be woken up. In my opinion this is a blatant example of deceptive advertising. I would like to request that once this email of concerns has been read, I receive an email back in return addressing these unfortunate incidents. We were traveling from the New York area back to Northern Va. When we arrived after 11 PM our room was freezing. The thermostat was set at 56 degrees and it took over an hour to warm up to where it was comfortable.

To make matters worse, the next morning there was not enough hot water for two people to shower. This is not what we expect from a Marriott to say the least. We are frequent travelers and have higher expectations from all of your brands. Break when we are visiting family for the holidays. Now we are having second thoughts about that plan based on this experience. We look forward to your response so we can finalize your plans. Hi, my name is Tom Patterson.

We recently had a fabulous event at the marriott marquis in Atlanta. I wanted to let you know that Chandra and Eric went above and beyond the call of duty to help me out last week. I was struggling to tie my bowtie for a black tie event and they both came to the rescue to help me out. Chandra got hold of Eric and Eric tied me an exceptional bowtie. They are both a hit and great representatives of the Marriott brand. I just wanted to send this note in to let you know. I stayed at a Courtyard Marriott in Topeka Kansas.

It was for my brothers funeral. My entire family flew in from all over the country and stayed there. The staff were very nice. They helped with every question we had. My husband and I booked through Expedia. The rest booked directly through the hotel. They received a funeral discount, we did not. It was a substantial amount. When I questioned the difference, the desk informed me they could not help us. As a good hotel, they should have been able to give us a discount anyway.

A few months ago I made a reservation for the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta Georgia to attend a professional development conference by the AMI Montessori which is going to take place at the hotel from Friday 13th — Sunday 15th. I have been attending these conferences for 15 years and knowing that there is a high demand for the rooms, I always make a reservation with plenty of time to avoid having to stay at another location. Today I have received an email that per my request, my reservation had been cancelled.

Obviously, I have not made such request. After calling more than five times and getting the run around: This is completely unaccepatable. If I had the intention of staying at another hotel, I would have made other arrangements. The funny part is that I was in the process to book another hotel room from this chain of hotels for my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico Feb 26 to March 3rd but I doubt I will have a good experience.

I will think twice next year about attending the conference if it is at your hotel. The pool was dirty, hot tub cold, No free WiFi and if you want a continental breakfast you should have stay at another hotel. Over all I would give my stay a 1star.

I would like an application for a maid position. I have taught Honors Chemistry for 36 years, have my masters degree plus 30 graduate hours in education and will be retiring at the end of this year. I feel I am more than qualified for this position. I left my birthday present in the room. Upon calling the hotel I was told nothing was turned in by housekeeping and they were angry that I would suggest that the maids took my gift. After pondering this situation, I determined that the maids are making more money than I am so I decided to apply for the job.

Because they are not held accountable for things left in the room they can sell their finds on ebay and make a ton of money with little work. I want the job. Please email an application to the email listed above.

I will be available June 1st. I am getting robo calls at I am on the National do not call registry in Canada. My day starts at They are not supposed to call after I have never spent a night at a Marriot hotel.

What other laws are they ignoring? She was more than accommodating with suggestions, guidance and services. Her pleasant and courteous personality added to the enjoyment to our stay. Carol was also a great help in assisting us in the ridiculous CA toll paying process!! I am 57 years old with many many nights under the Courtyard rooftop, and tonight I would say that I was the most disrespected in all of my years. If this is the new process with Marriott, I am going elsewhere, or perhaps I have just experienced…the well known North East Hospitality!!!!!!

This best describes Marriott Internet Customer Service. If I ran my business like their Customer Care Department I would have been out of business 35 years ago. Her name is Ella. After having flight delay, lost luggage and missed connection and a 9 hour in transit day on July 15th, this delightful lady assisted me, even though she had no vacancies late at night, but she went out of her way to be helpful.

My experience with the Marriott family has always been superior — Ella is the kind of employee that Marriott should be proud of — Kudos to a nice person. On July 2, , while traveling at night, I was desperately looking for a hotel room. I had stopped at every exit for 30 miles heading south on I I apologize but I do not remember the exit or town, but I stopped at one of your hotels. An employee, Tyeeshiai Battle, was manning the desk and was more than helpful. She called every hotel for the next three exits in an attempt to locate a room.

She was the only hotel employee in all of the establishments in which I had stopped who made any effort to help. Be proud of an employee who went above and beyond. By and large my stay was quite nice and I was treated quite well, until, my very last day, at the very last moment, the Marriott was able ruin my experience.

When I checked out I specifically asked the clerk if my room key would remain valid for my exit from the parking garage and the nice young woman behind the counter said it would be no problem.

I had explained that I would be dining and visiting with a friend. When I went to leave the garage the machine advised that my card was no longer valid.

I went inside and a different clerk, named Cynthia, said that I would have to pay to leave the garage. I explained to Cynthia, that I had gone out of my way to ask Marriott about this situation and that I was told it would not be a problem. Cynthia just ignored my words and like a tape recording just kept repeating that I would have to pay to leave the garage.

Finally, someone with authority and understanding of customer service came over, took my card, and said this would get me out of the garage with no charge.

Marriott, and Cynthia, did not make me feel like a welcome guest. In fact, she made me feel like all Marriott cared about was a few dollars for parking. I went out of my way to avoid a problem and Marriott went out of its way to make me feel unwanted. I am unsatisfied with the Customer Care received during a recent planned trip to Miami Marriott Dadeland. My daughter and I were planning on coming down for a family funeral on August 7th tho the 9th.

Unfortunately, emergency surgery cancelled this trip. The surgeon wrote a letter explaining this emergence and why we could not fly. The trip would have been too risky. I notified the hotel immediately and all I have been getting is a true runaround. No one will credit my American Express card for this unfortunate and unforseen catastrophe. No return calls and no resolution what so ever. Passing the buck from employee to employee. I wanted to thank Mitch at the Marriott Indianapolis North.

He has shown how hard work and customer service skills are a vital part of the Marriott experience. I have been to many marriotts around the world and he is a valuable asset to the team. It is because of people like Mitch that I will remain a Platinum Elitewmber. Went to desk on checkout-they stated they took care of the problem. I have called there three times to rectify this with no results. Please advise as I would like to get this rectified. I wanted to write a quick note to Mr. Marriott himself but am unable to find the appropriate link.

I believe he is the concierge there. Approximately 3 years ago, my husband and I stayed there a week. The small but very chic newly renovated bathroom made a great impression on us. So, now that we are helping our newly married son renovate his house, we wanted to replicate the distinctive bathroom.

I called the hotel for help. After disclosing to Nathaniel, the concierge, what I wanted to do, he graciously agreed to help. He looked up our room that we had stayed in and promptly took 4 or 5 pictures of its bathroom, texting all photos to me. Nathaniel acted cheerfully and was diligent in trying to assist me! We passed on the photos to our contractor and now have an extra elegant albeit small guest bathroom for my son.

Nathaniel represents just another positive thing that Marriott is known for, customer satisfaction. I was degraded, labeled as a thief, told I needed to pay and get out after paying by the manager. I was referred to the Marroitt by the company I work for. We were invited by one of the heads of customer relations reps for Ritz Cartons Hotels I work for Smilebrands Corp whom the Ritz did a Confrence with our company last year Please have some one contact me.

We have been reward members for years and have always appreciated the customer service we have received at all of our stays. I want to recognize Hugh Breckenridge from the Courtyard New Orleans at Julia Street for displayed customer service that was out of this world. My family stayed at the Marriott on Canal the night before our cruise but my sister stayed at the Courtyard. We parked across the street to go in and have a cup of coffee with my sister before we left for the terminal.

I was beside myself. That is when Mr. Breckenridge offered to help me. He told the girl at the desk I think her name was Katrina that he needed to take me to the impound yard but would be right back. He got in his personal vehicle and rushed me to the yard. He was our guardian angel that morning. Because of the kindness and generosity of Hugh Breckenridge, my family and I were able to make our cruise and still have one of the best vacations ever.

I hope Marriott rewards their employees that go over and above. A booked a Marriott room through a third party vendor for a nights stay on Sunday Aug. I did not stay in the room but got charged anyway. The establishment of a hotel with a working relationship with folks with disabilities is comendable. I hope that it will be a template for others in the business. You can bet that the next time my wife and I travel; it will be to a Marriott.

Thank you Don Bach. I made a reservation at the Oakland Airport Marriott in Dec, for a suit for 3 family members, designating a suit because that was what accommodated our needs. I made the reservation in October, to insure we got a suite. We were 1 hour away the day of our arrival, driving in heavy holiday traffic when we got a phone call from Mariotts saying we could not get the suite we reserved 2 months prior, but they would give us a regular room.

As this was not what we needed, we called another hotel and got a larger suite, closer to the airport, that cost less, and included breakfast, which Marriotts did not. We have stayed at Marriotts in different locations prior to this, and have been very satisfied. Your case file is a secure online location for all important documents regarding your issue. You can upload photos, tickets, copies of receipts or external emails from before you raised your issue with Resolver. One of the most important aspects of a complicated issue is keeping a record of all your correspondence regarding the complaint — Resolver does this for you automatically.

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By using Resolver, you agree to our privacy policy Got it. Head Office address Barnards Inn. Resolver is not affiliated to, linked with or otherwise endorsed by Marriott. We are an entirely independent issue-resolution tool that enables the raising and handling of consumer issues, making complaining simpler for everyone.

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