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A2 Computing - COMP 4 Project Ideas

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❶NationalAward - 2 tables is way too simple for an A2 project. Computer Science Coursework Help Computer science coursework is nowadays resulting into little tedious task for the students due to involved technical aspects in it.

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We are always just a click distance away to meet your computing coursework demands more effectively. This is a reasonable decision to bring good shape to your computer coursework through considering our outstanding online support.

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We will get back to you soon. Remember me next time. Starting uni is full of surprises: Start new discussion Reply. Follow 1 follower 1 badge Send a private message to arsenalfan. Follow 1 I need to do a coursework for my computing A2 next season, using a database software preferbly etc.. Any ideas of what I could do for my coursework?

The project is a substantial piece of work requiring analysis and design over an extended period of time, which is organised, evaluated and presented in a report. Candidates choose, in conjunction with their teacher, a well-defined user-driven problem which enables them to demonstrate their skills in Analysis, Design, Software Development, Testing, Implementation, Documentation and Evaluation. Projects should be chosen to demonstrate the integrative aspects of the work and should avoid needless repetition of the demonstration of a given skill.

Each candidate must submit a report on their piece of work, supported by evidence of software development and testing. Follow 2 Follow 3 Well you need a real end user for starters, but classic ones are things like stock control systems with automatic re-order generation and a variety of useful management reports. Typically you're looking at five or six tables after normalisation but that's far from a hard and fast figure.

Follow 4 There are many previous threads on this you can search for them, they should prove you with the information you need. Follow 5 I'm heading off for the weekend but PM me if you have any ideas - be happy to give them a once over. I teach computing A level for AQA. Follow 6 Follow 7 I need to get one of them But is there a difference if I use access guide books and use access software? And trust me my teachers were bad, I do understand that I can learn stuff at home but the reason why I picked it as an A-Level was so that I could learn at school too, otherwise I'd have picked another subject.

We were taught hardly anything and everyone in my class shares the same thought, it's not just me. As with dropping 2 AS's, I plan to pick up a full A-level in a year maybe Economics, no cw, just exams so if I am allowed, I guess I do save a year of my life: I do realise that a full A level in a year is very hard but tbh, I'm prepared to do it since Computing was handled very bad this year.

Thanks for the reply, although my current plan is to drop Computing, there is a very small chance that I may have to keep it and I'll keep in mind what you said: No problem man, I think if you find a subject that is kinda easy For some english is pretty easy and doesn't require to much to do both AS and A in a year then that may be a good way to go.

And trust me bad teachers do exist Especially for topics that aren't front and centre like maths and english. On top of the other posters, I'd like to say that the project is not so much about the program itself but how you go about developing it I. Yes I was told that too but I guess without a working program, it would be hard to do a write up of it and test it since it has hardly any working features lol.

But yeah, I know there's a big risk of being disqualified so I probably won't do this and won't carry on Computing to A2. A friend of mine did quite well using a version of tetris that couldn't even rotate the pieces. It doesn't even matter if the program doesn't work, you can work around that.

Yeah, my program didn't really exist until two months before hand in - it's all about the written work. Testing can be done afterwards. I thought the program is sent in to the moderators and is externally assessed? If they see that it doesn't work, would I not get marked down? All that's submitted is the final word document in which you have to supply a full list of the program's code, the program itself is not sent.

This document is marked by your teacher and then certain ones are selected to be sent to moderators. It doesn't matter if the program doesn't work as intended as long as you properly test and explain everything to standard. Hmm, I always thought that the program had to be fully working because I assumed the program would be sent off too. I also thought that since not many people in the UK take computing that all of them are taken in for moderation but they're not?

I think it depends on how many people are in a class. So the project is usually marked by your teacher and if yours is moderated then it's marked by external examiner? All are marked by the teacher, then the mark for moderated work is compared to the mark given by the teacher, if they are within acceptable boundaries then the teachers marks are accepted, otherwise the teachers marks are disqualified and all students work is then sent to be marked by somebody else because the teachers marking Is incorrect.

Nope, your tutor will mark them all and then 2 - 3 will be selected to assess your tutors accuracy in marking them. But the topic isn't about the program, more your ability to write the coursework booklet. They don't mark your program directly.

Why do you have such a "give-uppy" attitude? From what you've told us of your other grades, you relatively intelligent so why are you so keen to repeat the entire year again? From what I've been told, the project is fairly easy as you have loads of time to do it.

If your main worry is programming experience, then that's an easy fix. Programming is not overly difficult to grasp the basics of, and online tutorials will get you very far indeed. Pick a language, go learn it.

Well not exactly repeat the year but pick up another subject and finish that one off. I feel like I can get a better grade in another subject. Yeah programming experience is my only worry but then again, I've also heard that people have written loads of pages and put in lots of work to end up with a B or a C in the coursework.

Doesn't seem worth it does it? I can't believe you don't want to do the project. It's one of the things I'm looking forward to next year. The theory is so goddamn skull numbing dull that anything different feels like a godsend.

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I need to do a coursework for my computing A2 next season, using a database software preferbly etc.. (microsoft access). Any ideas of what I could do for m.

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Dec 01,  · A2 Computing - COMP 4 Project Ideas. Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by jamesmhunt, May 20, I just wondered if anyone had any really good A2 Project ideas for the COMP 4 Computing project. OCR GCSE Computing - HELP!! ie14 posted Jul 5, .

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Computing coursework help. Choosing a project A good project choice is critical to the success of this coursework. Although the choice of project is up to you there are some guidelines which must be followed. These are to help you choose a project You must get 90% on your A2 units to be eligible for A*. Problem definition. This chapter aims to give you the skills to complete your A2 Computing project. Unlike the rest of the course this unit is entirely based on coursework submitted in May. This is great because if you work hard enough then you can make sure you get some really good marks, you have access to the mark.